Benefits of Labor Unions

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The state of New York is often considered the best state for labor unions, with over a quarter of workers being represented by worker unions as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is the highest rate in the United States, with Hawaii and Alaska following the list. This enabled New York workers to pass an increase in their minimum-wage rate by the end of the year 2015.

Unions are easier to organize because the state of New York does not have a Right-to-Work law. Under this principle, workers are given the right to work as a source of income without being obliged to join a union. This forces the worker to represent himself when bargaining with the company. Mandatory union membership empowers collective bargaining, but also costs employees fees for being in the unions. Right-to-Work states give people the freedom to not be in unions, which has the effect of weakening labor’s ability to bargain with their employers, as unions do not receive as much income from dues. This is because most people will not join a labor union unless they need to, since the union takes money out of their pocket with no obvious benefit. Although the Right-to-Work principle is not necessarily an “anti-union” cause, it is also not a “pro-union” one, and seeks to give the workers individual freedom.

Despite the various arguments, there are many benefits that workers can get from being in a union. Aside from the minimum wage increase, unions can also help in extending worker’s contracts. It is important to have workers’ rights being properly represented to ensure that they are not violated, and that labor laws are followed through and through. According to the website of employment law firm Cary Kane LLP, attorneys can help unions protect each worker’s rights, while working to ensure that union relations and affairs are in accordance with labor laws. Any type of violation done by companies against their workers can be reasons for injury or compensation claim, as well as breach of contract.

Being a member of a workers union means you have better security on legislated labor rights and protections. Benefits such as social insurance programs as well as worker’s compensation are more likely given, establishing worker unions’ importance as a mediator that provides the important balance to worker’s benefits and protections as stated in legislation.

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