Your Colored Exhaust Fume And What It Tries To Tell You About Your Car

Oct 16, 2015 by

Volkswagen deliberately sold some of their cars equipped with a device that is intended to defraud the results of an emissions test. While almost every one of us is serious in our fight against deadly air pollutants, it is sad that some car makers choose commercialism and salability over environment and safety, veering away to the opposite side of the fight.

To be a more responsible and environment-friendly car owner, you should be sensitive of what goes out of your exhaust. Believe it or not, the exhaust that comes out of your car’s exhaust pipe should be colorless. A car that emits black, white, or blue fume means something is not right, and that you should do something to detect and address the issue. Here’s what the colors of your car’s fume probably mean:

Bluish exhaust smoke

When your car is smoking blue, it means that you are burning a compound that shouldn’t be burned – engine oil. Blue smoke means your valves could be leaky, causing the engine oil from your car’s cylinder head to dribble down into the combustion chamber. To confirm this, check your spark plugs for any oil deposits. You should also visit your mechanic promptly for valve or cylinder head repair.

White exhaust smoke

When your car is smoking a thick, white fume, it means that your engine is burning water. Water may leak into the combustion chamber through cracks and dents, especially on the cylinder block (the block that houses the piston). Thick white smoke may signal a very serious engine problem, so you should contact your mechanic quickly for a check-up.

Black exhaust smoke

Black smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe could mean uncalibrated ratio of air and fuel. Air-fuel mixture can go wrong when your fuel line is clogged, or you have faulty fuel injectors, or you have an air intake filter that has never been cleaned. Whatever the reason might be, you have to visit your mechanic for a quick check-up and fix.

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