How to Write the Perfect Job Task Analysis

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A job task analysis is the analysis of a job or task to effectively document on how to execute it. It may be an important part in employment application, employee assessment, compensation, and other departments where thoroughly knowing the job and task can be a factor.

Since it is a crucial part of business, it is important to write an effective job task analysis. Below is a series of steps you can follow on how to write an effective job task analysis.

Determine Why You Need a Job Task Analysis

There can be many reasons on why a job task analysis is necessary. Maybe the position is newly available and you need to explain the task to applicants. Maybe you want to assess the performance of your current employees. Maybe you want to know whether the compensation is adequate for such a task.

Identify the Job

The second step is to identify the job and task that needs to be analyzed. This way, you are making sure that you are analyzing to satisfy the need for a specific job task analysis. This also puts your analysis in a specific direction, preventing you to analyze aimlessly and waste time.

Determine the General Details

Now that you have identified the job and task that needs to be documented, it’s time to write a general description of them. Does the job require the employee to write news articles a day using a specific computer program? Where will he get his resources, online or offline? What is the quota? When is the deadline for the quota?

By writing the general details of the job and task, you are giving yourself an idea skeleton that you can use as a reference in writing the specific details of the job.

Determine the Specific Details

This is where you enumerate the specific tasks necessary to accomplish the general details. If the general details are the skeleton, the specific details are the skin, muscle, and tissue that make up the entire job and task. Does the news writer need to go to the police station and write police beats, or are criminal news online enough basis to write on? Does he need to write a two-thousand-word feature article, or four five-hundred word articles? Does he report during the day or night?

Breakdown the Tasks into Subtasks

Once you have written down the specific tasks needed to accomplish the general details, you need to break them down into more specific, easier to understand content. They are the subtasks of the tasks. Maybe the news writer has the privilege to access police documents, or maybe he has no choice but to follow police officers on the job. Maybe he needs to write his findings in a notebook as a reference for himself and for the company. Maybe he is allowed an hour of sleep during the night shift.

The key to a perfect job analysis is hierarchy. Determine the general details to know the scope of the job in the macro sense, break the general details into quantifiable tasks, and break these tasks even further to know the scope of the job in the micro sense.

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