Medical Malpractice on Cruise Ships

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Medical malpractice lawsuits are just among the number of personal injury claims that can be filed against the cruise ship liner and their doctor aboard the ship. It is the cruise line’s responsibility to ensure that all their passengers are properly treated and looked after if they become sick or injured during the trip; if their physician aboard committed any form of medical negligence or malpractice, it will be held against the cruise line management since the physicians are considered their employees. It is therefore the cruise line’s liability if a passenger suffers from any medical malpractice.

Part of the appeal of cruise ships is their promise to ensure the health and safety of their passengers. They put in their descriptions and advertisements of providing excellent medical care while onboard the vessel, alongside claims of providing first-class lodgings and amenities. They should therefore know that their passengers are expecting to have the finest standard of medical care when they go on board the ship. A great number of passengers in cruise ships are 65 years old or older, choosing to enjoy their retirement on the seas. With already-present medical conditions, they can be a great risk of further health complications when they travel, so when cruise ships advertise of their first-rate medical facilities and then failed to deliver what they have proclaimed, they can then be held liable for negligence and fraud. Since there are certain laws that govern cruise ships (together with the particular laws applicable in that certain state or dock), it might be advisable to seek the help of a cruise ship injury attorney.

The actions of physicians working onboard a cruise ship are governed by the cruise ship since they are the ones who select and employ the physicians. They are part of the working staff and are considered officers on deck; therefore, any misdiagnoses, medical errors, or malpractice can be grounds for a personal injury claim.

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