The Need for a Good Drainage System

May 27, 2019 by

Of all the problems in the world, you may wonder why a person would concern themselves with something as trivial as drainage issues. However, problems with your drainage system can have detrimental effects on your house, your lawn, and your life.

In this article, I discuss those issues and implore you to consult with professionals that can assist you in installing a good drainage system:

Mold and Bacteria

As gross as it is to discuss, mold and bacteria growth is one of the most common effects of drainage issues. This is a result of the fact that the drainage system malfunctions often manifest in standing water. The standing water, from rainfall, does not drain away to a street or through a pipe but instead collects in your yard.

After standing for a few days or weeks, the water can eventually collect in crevices and crooks of your basement. Related issues can also be caused by the standing water seeping through your roof and causing leaks, rotting through exterior wood, or messing up other parts of your property.

Mosquitos Mishaps

You may spend some of your hard-earned money on a scheduled lawn care business, or on a lawnmower to do the work yourself. Either way, it is likely that you value your front and back yard enough to take care of it. One of the benefits of taking care of your lawn, of course, is the ability to relax outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Nobody likes mosquitos. Unfortunately, Midwest Lawn reports, mosquito infestations are a result of drainage system issues. Mosquitos tend to lay their eggs in stagnant water. Thus, standing water stemming from a faulty drainage system will make your front yard the best place around for those pesky pests to give birth.

Mosquitos are not just a nuisance, though. Mosquitos are also a health hazard because of the many diseases they harbor. Famously, the West Nile virus is transmitted through mosquitos. Recently, however, the incidence rate for the relatively-obscure Zika virus has increased dramatically and endangered many.

A Rant About Plants

Drainage system issues can also affect your plant growth by contributing to plant rot or preventing proper dissemination of nutrients necessary to your vegetation’s successes. Water retaining in gardening areas can lead to the roots of your plants being overwatered and rotting in response. The decay of your plants is sometimes salvageable, but the first step, almost always, is to take care of the drainage system that led to the issue in the first place.

The growth of your plants can be stymied by water retention. Curiously, it is more common for stunted plant growth to be related to not watering your plant enough, instead of watering it too much in the form of standing water. In either regard, a specific range of water is required for your plant to grow healthily and have the necessary nutrients transmitted.

Drainage system issues are, thankfully, solvable. Speak with a qualified professional about your home’s options. With a little time and resources, soon your lawn can be growing strong, not leaking into your basement, and functioning properly.

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